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1957-1960 Ford Custom

1957-1960 Ford Custom
Borgeson has developed an integral power steering conversion box for the 1952-1964 Ford full size cars. The Borgeson conversion box is a new manufactured modern integral power steering gearbox. The Borgeson integral power steering gearbox provides true modern power steering feel, feedback and a quick 14:1 ratio. Borgeson has manufactured this box to bolt directly to the factory mounting location and connects to the stock manual steering linkage. The steering column will need to be shortened for installation of this conversion box. (Details below)
Cars with factory Bendix style power steering will require either manual steering linkage or a drag link adapter. 
1952-1957 & All Column Shift cars a steel coupler #312500 must be welded to a cut  off inner column shaft. The outer column tube will be able to fit over the coupler leaving enough column tube to mount the shift linkage.
1958-1964 Floor shift applications we recommend the use of a rag joint #052549. The cut off column shaft will need to be ground into a DD profile to connect to the rag joint.
This conversion box fits the following Ford full size models:
•1952-1956 Crestline, Customline, Mainline
•1957-1960 Custom
•1957-1962 Fairlane
•1958-1964 Galaxie
•1955-1957 Thunderbird
Box will also fit Mercury vehicles sharing the same platform.


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