My Borgeson Steering Shaft Is Too Short:

- Borgeson uses a telescopic steering shaft for our heavy duty truck steering assemblies. The telescopic shaft is shipped fully collapsed. When this gets tossed around in shipping the shaft can get stuck in the collapsed position. A very significant “tug” can be required to get the shaft un-stuck and freely operating for installation.

- Borgeson steering shafts are designed to accommodate up to a 4” body lift. If you have a body lift installed beyond 4” the steering shaft assembly may be too short for your application. Suspension lifts do not have an impact on the steering gear to steering column relationship and will not affect the fitment of the Borgeson steering shaft.

My Steering Wheel Is Crooked After Installation:

- Most Borgeson steering shaft installations will not use the existing flat that is machined into the stock steering box / steering column shafts. Use of this existing flat spot for set-screw placement is the most common cause of a steering wheel being crooked after installation. Position the u-joint on the shaft wherever it needs to be for the steering wheel to be straight then file a new small flat for the set-screw to seat in to.  

My Borgeson Steering Shaft Is Too Long:

- The following Borgeson part numbers fit many different vehicle variations and can be required to be trimmed down to fit your application: 000932, 000933, 000943, 000970, 000974, 000975, 000980 and 000981. Follow the instructions for shortening the shaft below.

How to trim a Borgeson telescopic steering shaft:

1.      If the shaft assembly is too long to fit even when fully collapsed, the telescoping shaft must be cut to length.  Remove the upper universal joint from the tubular end of the Borgeson assembly.  Install the steering box universal joint onto the steering box input shaft to the depth shown in Figure B.  With the telescoping shaft fully extended, the tubular end should be cut so that it is flush with the tip of the steering column shaft.  This will allow movement in each direction and the maximum amount of collapsibility.


2.      Reinstalling the universal joint on the Borgeson telescoping shaft requires drilling one hole in the tube.  Refer to Figure C.  Install the universal joint on the end of the telescoping shaft to the depth shown in Figure B.  Tighten the short set screw against the shaft to secure the joint in position.  Remove the long set screw and mark the position of the new set screw hole on the shaft with a pencil or a punch. Remove the universal joint.  Do not drill through the universal joint.   At the point marked on the tubular shaft drill a 3/8” diameter hole through one wall of the tube only.   Put the universal joint back in position on the tube and install the longer set screw so that it passes through the drilled hole and bears against the opposite wall of the tube.  Tighten both set screws and then lock nuts to secure the universal joint to the tubular shaft.