1972–1986 Jeep CJ
Jeep’s original steering shaft assembly was not designed for the added stress of body lifts and oversize tires. Borgeson’s replacement assembly has a telescoping shaft with two precision needle bearing u-joints. The steering assembly is easy to install with common hand tools. Once installed, you will experience much tighter and more responsive steering. Borgeson makes an upgrade for the 1976-86 CJ which offers a vibration reducer. This was never available from the factory.

1987–1995 Wrangler and 1974–2000 Jeep Trucks
The YJ heavy-duty telescoping shaft assembly is similar to the CJ with two precision needle bearing u-joints and a vibration reducer. A vibration reducer was standard on YJs. A version without the vibration reducer is also available.

1997–2006 TJ Wrangler
The TJ Wrangler uses a 3 u-joint system in its steering. Borgeson offers individual replacements for upper and lower shafts, allowing you to decide if you want to replace one or both. The upper shaft includes a new firewall seal and will accommodate a body lift.